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G4EID Voice Internet Gateways in Southport.
  GB3OA Repeater (minus 600kHz TX offset) 145.6125 MHz 82.5 Hz IRLP 5302 Echolink 5302
  G4EID Simplex Node 70.3875 MHz 123.0 Hz IRLP 5973  
  G4EID Simplex Node 434.475 MHz 79.7 Hz IRLP 5240 Echolink 7365
All frequencies run 2.5kHz deviation with radios designed for 12.5kHz channel spacing, if you have a radio that supports "FM Narrow", please use it. On 434.475MHz however, a 25kHz channel spacing radio is used, running a full 5kHz deviation, this should be fine with virtually all radios, no need for "FM Narrow" here.
Generic Gateway Details.
  QTH Southport, Merseyside, England.
  NGR SD357195
  Lat / Long 53:40:05 North / 2:58:26 West
  Power 10dBW (all gateways)
  Aerials Dual band colinear (2M/70cm), half wave (4M)
The gateways at G4EID are part of the QLV.it network, click here for more information.
73, Mark Haworth, G4EID / KM8H.