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Older news is still available for 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002, just click a link.

30th December 2002

  • Keying *xxxx where xxxx is a reflector number (for example *9250), will make the node announce the node number, call sign and location of all nodes connected to that reflector, (including channel specific information too).

24th December 2002

  • A Christmas Eve special on the nodes! For today only, local announcements available by keying *8 have been replaced by "Santa Watch". Santa is being tracked and information relating to his whereabouts is available to those interested in this unique annual event.

23rd December 2002

  • Keying **2 will announce the location of the 5 nearest stations to the nodes. This information is taken from APRS data.

21st December 2002

  • Keying **1 will announce the 10 nearest stations to the nodes. This information is taken from APRS data.
  • APRS nearest stations page added. 

20th December 2002

  • I've rationalised the star codes regarding the weather stuff. Now, ** gives everything, i.e. weather, sunrise/sunset times and tide times.
  • I've removed all the reports for places other than Southport. We were in danger of star code overload :-) 
  • Reflector 9350 added to the reflector status pages.

17th December 2002

  • Ok, I've been playing again, sorry! You can now get tide predictions for Southport and surrounding areas. Key **# for Southport's information. These predictions are not guaranteed. More tide "star" codes are available for other areas, please see the star codes page.

16th December 2002

  • Further weather "star" codes added. See star codes page for more details.

15th December 2002

  • New "star" code added. Key ** for the latest weather report for Southport. 

9th December 2002

  • Events page added. Gives details of node users gatherings. Wonder what the collective noun is for node users? Answers on a post card to....

3rd December 2002

  • REMINDER! For those interested, there will be a gathering of node users on Sunday 8th December at the Windmill Pub in Parbold. For a map of where is it just click here. Nothing special, just a chance to exchange greetings face to face and the chance to all meet up. See you there from 7.30pm onwards. Everyone and anyone welcome.
  • For now, I've removed the cavity on the 431.200 node. The mis-match was worse than I thought. That node should now be back to its normal power and sensitivity, but, due to lack of cavity, there's now some de-sense on weak signals. I'm still working on some more cavities.

30th November 2002

  • Demon continue to work on the packet loss issue. Consult their status page for further information, but suffice it to say, the problem's largely disappeared now.
  • I'm waiting to get hold of some UHF cavities. There is currently one in place on node 5220. Although it's doing its job stopping de-sense from 5240, it appears to have loused up the matching thus making 5220 less sensitive and down in power. I'm addressing this as a matter of urgency.

26th November 2002

  • Node voices page added.

25th November 2002

  • Demon state packet loss problems have returned.
  • Demon Status Page added.

24th November 2002

  • Demon state packet loss problems have been resolved.
  • Special Announcement! For those interested, there will be a gathering of node users on Sunday 8th December at the Windmill Pub in Parbold. All welcome, mind the speed camera coming down the hill :-)  Nothing special, just a chance to exchange greetings face to face and the chance to all meet up. See you there from 7.30pm onwards.
  • Node list page changed. List now generated automatically every 10 minutes. Should keep it a little bit more up to date. Also now includes frequency and CTCSS information.
  • Demon Internet have announced they have some packet loss problems.
  • Local *9 command changed to now give channel information. All connectivity announced, from highest to lowest.

23rd November 2002

  • Reflector channel information page added.
  • Projected node coverage maps added.

22nd November 2002

  • Status pages changed to now show reflector channel information.

21st November 2002

  • Special Notice. Would all users please announce their call signs when attempting to control the node(s) through DTMF. Of late, there sees to be an increasing problem of some users sat blasting assorted codes at the node with no ID at all. This becomes a major issue when the node(s) are already connected somewhere, especially reflectors. In the last couple of days I've had notification from certain reflector owners that the G4EID nodes have now been blocked from those reflectors through repeated use of non ID'd failing DTMF. It's part of your license conditions that you must ID your transmissions. Thanks for your anticipated co-operation. In the meantime I will endeavour to get the nodes re-instated back on the reflectors.
  • NOV received for 434.475 from the RA with details as already published. Node is now on air, but tests with cavities are still ongoing to prevent de-sense between the two 70cm nodes.
  • Please node that to avoid some inter node interference, I've had to change the ctcss frequency of node 5240 to 151.4Hz

17th November 2002

  • NOV passed frequency co-ordination, awaiting RA approval.
  • Node 5240 will have all the same functionality of the other nodes. Frequency will be 434.475, the aerial is a vertical beam (at 8M) pointing towards Southport Town Centre. This should give good coverage through Birkdale, Ainsdale, Freshfield and Formby. Once the NOV is received, I'll make an announcement here. 

15th November 2002

  • Link to GB3LI temporarily withdrawn.
  • New NOV applied for. This will be for node 5240.
  • Node pictures updated.
  • Packet loss problem appears to be well and truly resolved.

11th November 2002

  • Demon announce packet loss problem resolved for ADSL customers.

10th November 2002

  • Packet loss continues. 
  • To playback a list of star codes, dial a single star.
  • Node pictures updated.

9th November 2002

  • Packet loss continues. 
  • Latest node lists published.
  • Guestbook script altered slightly.
  • Warning given on call initiation, (both incoming and outgoing), if current packet loss being experienced is likely to cause problems.

7th November 2002

  • The packet loss saga continues with no sign of improvement.
  • Key *8 to play any recorded announcements regarding current problems or known issues. Scheduled downtime as well as local news is also included. If no announcement exists, nothing will be heard.
  • Star codes page added.

6th November 2002

  • Packet loss problems still ongoing. Demon are still working the issues, please see their own status page for further news.

4th November 2002

  • Packet loss problems still ongoing. Demon (my ISP) acknowledge the issue. Check out their own status page for further news.

3rd November 2002

  • Problems with a dodgy router at my ISP (Demon) are causing packet loss on all nodes at G4EID. I'll update when the problems are fixed.
  • A new star code has been added, key *6 to give a figure of averaged packet loss to all reflectors.

2nd November 2002

  • Internet traffic report included on node status page. 

18th October 2002

  • The official status page is being worked on. Whilst this is in progress, please expect some errors on my reflector status pages.
  • Node numbers on the home page changed to 5220 and 5230, thanks to Dave, GW4GTE for spotting the mistake!
  • *4 connects the two nodes (5220 & 5230) together to form a cross band repeater
  • *2 Speaks the local time.
  • *3 tells you if the node is free or not

13th October 2002

  • Nodes list updated.
  • Here's a summary of the latest * codes available on nodes 5220 and 5230
     *1 gives the last call waiting and the last successful incoming and outgoing call information.
     * 5 enables the parrot, or simplex repeater.
     * 7 plays the information file.
     * 9 announces the number of nodes connected to each reflector.
     *** connects to a random node.
     ### connects to a random reflector.

12th October 2002

  • 4 digit node numbers are here! Nodes 522, 523,524 have now become 5220, 5230 and 5240.
  • To dial a node, simply dial its node number, forget about adding a zero. All existing 3 digit node numbers have been changed to have a zero added as the fourth digit. So in the short term, there's little difference. For example, node 888 is now 8880, to dial it, dial its node number 8880. 
  • New nodes will be coming on line though with numbers not ending in zero, so watch out :-)
  • It is now mandatory to disconnect a link with 73. The existing method of the node number ending in "1" is no more. After all, a node number can end in "1" now.
  • Some reflectors have "super" reflector status. In other words up to nine channels. For example, the main channel on the Lancaster reflector is accessible by dialling 9700. Eight other channels also exist by dialling 9701,9702,9703....9709.
  • I think I've changed all the local scripts to cope with the new system, but I may have missed some. Let me know if I have.

7th October 2002

  • User guide updated.
  • An echo or "parrot" repeater is now available on both nodes 522 and 523. To access it, key *5. To turn it off, the usual 73 should suffice.
  • To find out how many nodes are connected to the reflectors, key *9 The old "individual" counts by using the reflector number plus a 3 have been withdrawn. The new script counts how many are connected to each reflector and announces the counts in order, starting with the busiest. 
  • Please be aware that the 4 digit node numbers are coming soon. More as I get it.

28th September 2002

  • Geographical areas added to the status pages.

21st September 2002

  • Apologies, I've been neglecting this site of late. Back on the ball now :-)
  • Added world time zone page.
  • Latest node lists uploaded.

25th July 2002

  • GB3LI info updated to reflect CTCSS frequency change from 88.5 to 82.5 Hz.

23rd June 2002

  • Link to new GB3LI web site added.

19th June 2002

  • User guide for GB3LI updated

4th June 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded.
  • Minor changes to the GB3LI pages
  • Local use of nodes 522 and 523 is increasing.
  • The talk at the Southport Radio club last month appeared to well received. For details of the club, check out their web site at Southport Radio Club.
  • Apologies for the lack of regular updates over the last week or two, I've been pretty busy.
  • Best wishes to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for a very Happy Golden Jubilee.

26th May 2002

  • Specific user guide for GB3LI added. (Thanks to Dave G4WPS).
  • We're looking to "go live" on GB3LI for an hour or so a day the first week in June.

18th May 2002

  • Another new reflector! Well done to Mike G6PHF who's put on reflector 970 located in Lancaster UK. Why not give it try?
  • GB3LI tests are ongoing, so far so good. We're aiming to go live officially around the start of June. Initially for about an hour an evening, then some time at weekends too. It's up to LI's users to decide how much they want it on. 
  • Reflector status pages changed to cope with the addition of reflector 970.
  • Why not come along to a talk on IRLP to be given at the Southport Radio Club on Monday 20th May at St. Marks Church hall in Scarisbrick?

9th May 2002

  • We're ready to go on GB3LI. The node number is 524. The NOV has been received, and all the kit's in place. Tests will be conducted over the next few days. Watch the GB3LI page for breaking news.

6th May 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded.
  • There's a new reflector available, it's ID is 960 and it's one of the new "Super" reflectors. Give it a try. It's only running in normal mode at the moment.
  • Reflector status page(s) changed for REF960
  • There are currently problems with Reflector 2, any calls to this reflector are currently being aliased to Reflector 921.

27th April 2002

  • The connect to a random reflector utility (using either ### or a default connection after 60mins inactivity) has been changed. The script no longer selects a reflector with some nodes already connected. It can select any reflector, even it has no nodes connected to it. It's sort of an attempt to get some of the under utilised reflectors in use.

25th April 2002

  • New node (523) is now on air. I'm slowly bringing its functionality to the same level as 522, but it's getting there. Expect some change in the audio levels until I'm happy with them.

21st April 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded.
  • News from Canada, my boards have been shipped. Expected 7 to 10 days here. 145.3375 Node on soon!

15th April 2002

  • New local feature added. To connect to a randomly chosen reflector, key ### (that's 3 hashes or squares). A reflector will be chosen that has at least two other nodes connected to it.
  • Some boards have apparently been shipped from Canada, whether my order is included, I don't know. As soon as I can find out some more, I'll post details here. 

11th April 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded.

8th April 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded.
  • New local feature added. To find out how many nodes are connected to a particular reflector, key the reflector code plus a "3" on the end. For example, to find out how many nodes are connected to reflector 2, key "9203". This feature only works if the node is idle. It's useful to find out how many nodes are connected to a reflector before you connect to it, it may be that there aren't any in which case it'll be very quiet!

3rd April 2002

  • I'm now only waiting from the IRLP hardware from Canada for the new 145.3375 node. Everything else is now in place and tested, PC, wiring looms, radio etc. As soon as the hardware arrives, it'll be on. The news from Canada early this week was that the order had been received the previous week, but the boards were still to be built. As soon as I have an idea of when they're likely to arrive, I'll post it here. 
  • As regards the GB3LI link, all but the radio is ready, plus I haven't had the NOV issued to me yet. More news soon. 

1st April 2002

  • The connect to random reflector script has been changed. The chosen reflector, will be one that has at least 3 nodes connected to it.
  • Unless anyone has an urge to practise their French, reflector 940 is filtered out the list.
  • Keying 88 will make the node do a broadcast of its info file. This is a short form for 4636.
  • The info broadcast has been changed to include more information. If you want to hear it, click here.

30th March 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded.

29th March 2002

  • There was a mistake in the NOV issued for the forthcoming node on 145.3375. The allowed power is now 10dBW, not 4dbW. Much relief, at least I won't have to build an attenuator now :-)
  • The "voice" for the new node will be different. The frequency of the CWID will also be changed so that each node can be uniquely identified if listening to both nodes on a dual band rig.

22nd March 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded.
  • New node listing (with frequencies) added to the nodes page. (This page has now been withdrawn, and frequency info added into the main node listing page. G4EID-KM8H).
  • Random reflector facility turned back on.

19th March 2002

  • The RA are currently undertaking a review of internet linking, if you feel you want to make any comments (good or bad), please visit this RA website page to contribute.
  • The random reflector facility added on 10th March has been temporarily removed.
  • An NOV has been granted for me to run another node on 145.3375. The hardware is on order from Canada and it is hoped the new node will be on air in about 4 to 6 weeks. Many thanks to Don, G1UCI, for relinquishing the frequency. Don plans to put an IRLP node on his 70cm NOV'd frequency in the near future.
  • Latest node lists uploaded.
  • A reminder, the NOV for this node is for attended operation only. If you find you can't get anywhere or it's not working, then it's possible it might be disabled.

18th March 2002

  • A Twin-T hardware filter has been added in the RX audio path to notch out the 79.7Hz ctcss tone before transmission over the internet. This prevents problems of local tones here causing problems at the remotely connected station.

11th March 2002

  • An NOV has been applied for to run a new node here at G4EID, this time linking into the local 70cm repeater GB3LI in Liverpool. Watch this space for a progress report.

10th March 2002

  • New local feature added. If there is no input frequency activity for 60 minutes, the node will automatically connect itself to a reflector. The reflector it chooses will be purely random. The default inactivity timeout for reflectors has been set locally here for 20 minutes. Should be useful for people who have no dtmf keypads and want to work irlp :-)
  • Latest node lists uploaded.

9th March 2002

  • New local feature added. From an idea by Greg G4CUI, just key *** and you'll be connected to a randomly generated node number (excluding reflectors). Great for if you're driving around or don't know any node numbers!

3rd March 2002

  • Latest node lists uploaded

2nd March 2002

  • Individual reflector status pages added
  • Individual node status pages added

1st March 2002

  • Main IRLP server now back on line

28th February 2002

  • There are currently technical difficulties being experienced with the main irlp server. Connection difficulties can be expected.
  • Status pages changed.

22nd February 2002

  • Added details of the echo reflector to the user guide.

21st February 2002

  • A new status page "All reflectors"  added.
  • Guest book feature added

13th February 2002

  • Status pages added. Gives dynamic indication of state of G4EID node, and listings of what all the reflectors are currently connected to.

8th February 2002

  • Keying 3696 ("down" on a normal DTMF keypad)  will force the node to make an announcement (assuming the node is currently idle), regarding any planned node downtime.

7th February 2002

  • For those who don't have rigs with DTMF, check out G3ZHI's web site for details of very reasonably priced DTMF diallers.

5th February 2002

  • Keying 12  will force the node to make a time announcement (assuming the node is currently idle) in 12 hour format
  • Keying 24  will force the node to make a time announcement (assuming the node is currently idle) in 24 hour format
  • Keying 4636 ("info" on a normal DTMF keypad) will make the node do a broadcast of its info file.

3rd February 2002

  • If the node is already connected, and receives a request for connection from another node over the internet, it will announce "Your node is receiving a call from..."
  • If you miss which node is calling, but want to find out, just key 69 and an announcement will be made similar to "Your last call waiting was from..."

2nd February 2002

  • Keying 73 will disconnect you from any currently connected link, (check it's not in use before you do).
  • Keying 8463 ("time" on a normal DTMF keypad) will instigate a time announcement (assuming the node is currently idle)
  • Time announcements on the hour and every 15 minutes.

25th January 2002

  • The IRLP node suffered a trojan horse attack on the evening of Friday 25th January which necessitated a system rebuild. The node was off for 24 hours during this rebuild.

18th January 2002

  • It's finally on! IRLP arrives in Southport.