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Older news is still available for 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002, just click a link.

24th December 2005

  • May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.
  • Three years ago, many node users and owners decided to meet up for a festive pint. Since it's that time of year again, and it's so long since we had the last one, please feel free to come along and have a natter and put the world to rights about all things radio. We'll be meeting up about 7.30pm on Saturday 14th January 2006 at the Windmill pub in Parbold (the same venue as last time).  Click here for the pub's location. Hope to see you there!

15th November 2005

  • The application for GB3OA has now been approved and sent to Ofcom for licencing. It's possible the NOV could be granted in the next couple of months. With that in mind, it's important that the repeater is built asap so that when the NOV arrives, we can switch it on. Since the repeater will also be internet linked (subject to a different NOV), and based on current low utilisation of the existing nodes here at G4EID, I've decided to use some of the gateway hardware for the repeater. Please be advised therefore that Node 5220 on 430.0625MHz will shortly be withdrawn from service, and its hardware donated to the repeater project. For further information on the progress of the repeater, please refer to its web site at www.gb3oa.co.uk Once the repeater is on air, it's also very likely I'll be closing down my 2M node (MB7ISP, node 5230 on 145.3375MHz) to enable me to be able to use the repeater :-) This will leave two nodes, one on 70cm (434.475MHz) and one on 4M (70.3875MHz). Please don't forget that there are still two other 2M gateways locally at MB7IHB and MB7IXN that are available for use. Please refer to qlv.it for details.

11th November 2005

  • An application to locate a 2M repeater in Southport is in progress. Provided the licence is granted (and it looks very promising), GB3OA will soon be heard on 145.6125MHz (RV49) with a CTCSS of 82.5Hz. The project is being undertaken by the Southport & District Amateur Radio Club, more information will be made available in due course. 

31st October 2005

  • A new 16 address IP subnet will be implemented this evening. Until the changes ripple through world wide DNS, there will likely be some outage of services at G4EID. Most, (but not all), DNS servers should update within 24 hours (often less), but there are a minority that can take a lot longer. This is out of my control, but the changes are required to provide the necessary number of public IP addresses for all the servers on the network here.

29th October 2005

  • Apologies to all for the extended outage over the last few days. It's as a result of migrating ISP's. There is likely to be another outage in the next few days as I change IP subnet with my new ISP. Until the IP subnet issue is resolved, only three nodes can be supported, so IRLP node 5220 is being left offline.

12th September 2005

  • New look web site launched, same content (more or less), just looks different and is easier for me to maintain.

26th August 2005

  • All operating system updates on the gateways are now complete. Everything's now running Red Hat 9. As mentioned previously, the current preferred build is on Fedora Core 3, but its memory requirements exceed that which is available on my old hardware. Red Hat 9, is just fine anyway :-) 

23rd August 2005

  • I've just finished rebuilding node 5220, (430.0625 MHz). It was still running a very old OS (Red Hat 6.2). None of my node hardware is up to running the recommended latest version (Fedora Core 3), but they'll all run happily on Red Hat 9. I've just started the rebuild process on the four metre node (5973), please be aware there may be some downtime involved. I've still get 5230 and 5240 to do, it's likely they'll also be done in the next few days, so, if you find a node missing, you know why :-)

15th August 2005

  • A new site has been launched which contains details of some Gateways here in the North West of England that all have the same level of customisation. For details, please check out qlv.it for more information. 

9th August 2005

  • With the successful landing of STS-114 today, and the safe return of the crew, node 5220 (430.0625MHz) will now return to normal service. Many thanks to Chris N6ICW for providing the NASA feed for the duration of the Space Shuttle mission, and to Kent, W7AOR for the use of the Western reflector. Thanks also for the positive feedback, I'm glad it's been useful.  

26th July 2005

  • NASA has scheduled a possible launch of the shuttle today at 15:39 BST. Node 5220 (430.0625MHz) will be connected to IRLP reflector channel 9252 (which relays the NASA audio stream) for the duration of the flight. By all means listen in. All other nodes will function as normal.
  • It's becoming increasingly obvious there's someone in the area that gets a kick out of blasting DTMF at nodes in this area, regardless of whether they're in use or not. Yesterday a QSO was in progress while this "activity" was undertaken. Could I request all users to please ignore this idiot and not take his bait. However, I would be most interested to receive signal reports from users so we can establish his/her whereabouts. If it's someone without a licence, I'll happily forward details of how to become licenced to them, with the Foundation licence, it's not that difficult these days. If the person's licenced, well I hope not, since deliberate interference is not something that's exactly encouraged in BR68. 

23rd July 2005

  • The NOV has been received from the RSGB regarding unattended operation on my 2M frequency, I've sent mail to Ofcom informing them of the callsign change, so, from today at 8am, the callsign of the node on 145.3375MHz changes from G4EID to MB7ISP. In addition, Echolink has also been added. So, that's MB7ISP, IRLP 5230, EchoLink 5365, 145.3375MHz 79.7Hz CTCSS. Enjoy! 

19th July 2005

  • According to the RSGB's DCC site, it's looking like my application for unattended operation has been accepted, and that I'll have the NOV by the end of July 2005. Please note that unattended has only been permitted on my 2M node (number 5230 on145.3375MHz). Once the NOV comes though, please be aware that the node's callsign will change from G4EID to MB7ISP. It's also my intention to install EchoIRLP too, (under the MB7 call). I'll post details of the echolink number once it's available. More details as they become available.

16th July 2005

  • Looks like the Shuttle launch won't be today. NASA are quoting they hope to launch before the window closes on July 31st. When it does happen, the audio stream, (as described in the new item of 14th July), will be relayed via node 5220 (430.0625MHz).

14th July 2005

  • Node 5220 (430.0625MHz) will be permanently connected to the NASA audio stream during the forthcoming "Return to Flight" of the space shuttle. The feed is NASA approved and is provided by Chris N6ICW. The feed is relayed via the Western Reflector on channel 9252. Currently the launch is scheduled for Saturday evening (16th July) at 7.40pm (BST). Feel free to listen in. I'm sure we all wish the crew a safe and trouble free flight. Please try and leave the other nodes free for normal use. 

1st July 2005

  • Not really IRLP specific, but Amateur Radio related nevertheless. For radio amateurs in the North West of England, (whether members of the RSGB or not), please be aware of the following meeting:-


The President of the RSGB, Jeff Smith and the General Manager, Peter
Kirby are travelling around the country giving talks about the
issues surrounding Ofcoms consultation document on proposals to
reform amateur radio licensing. The talks will be followed by open
and frank discussions on this crucial matter.  They will also
explain, in the clearest possible terms on how we, as a group and as
individuals can plan effective responses.

We would like to invite you, and any other interested persons, to
talks that will be held in the North West region this coming week

Tuesday, 5th July at 7.30pm at The Tickled Trout Hotel just off
Junction 31 of the M6 and

Wednesday, 6th July at 7.30pm at the Astley & Tyldesley Miners
Welfare Club, Meanly Road, Astley, Tyldesley, Manchester. This is
just off the East Lancs A580.

It is hoped to provide "Talk-In" for the talk on Wednesday in
Tyldesley.  Free refreshments will be available at both talks.

We need your voice to be added along side our own to challenge the
attitude of OFCOM and its officers.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible - please pass
the word to other amateurs you talk to, either on the air or by any
other means.

Best 73
Dave, M0OBW
Chairman, UKFM Group (Western)
RSGB Board Member

27th June 2005

  • Since node 5220 gets very little use these days, I've decided to move the Echolink part of it onto the other 70cm node. As a result. node 5240 is now equipped with EchoIRLP. The node operates as IRLP node 5240, and also as Echolink node number 7365. Please refer to the EchoIRLP page for further information. To make an Echolink call, simply dial a # before the required Echolink node number.

26th June 2005

  • Ok, some star codes are back. With some suggestions from Graham G7EVY, I've re-introduced (and rationalised) a number the "star" codes. Please check out the star codes page for details of what's now available.
  •  The voices on all nodes is now the same.
  • Graham, G7EVY's node, (5057) has identical features to all the nodes here. 
  • This latest news is now also available via RSS (blog) at here.

17th March 2005

  • Since they're little used, and because I'll be rebuilding all the nodes to latest level of Linux OS shortly, all "star" codes have now been withdrawn. What's left is four basic nodes, with no frills. The only star code that will remain is star 3 to check for node availability.
  • Again, due to abuse, the Guest Book has had to be withdrawn.
  • All spare Motorola radios have now been sold. I've no cables left either. 

6th March 2005

  • Guess someone foolishly asked an official question, so we've now had an official answer. Please refer to the DCC site for an explanation, but the position regarding the linking of multiple nodes held by the same licensee has now been "clarified". If you attempt to connect any of the G4EID nodes together, you'll be politely reminded you now can't. A heartfelt "thanks" to whoever asked.