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24th December 2006

  • Seasons Greetings from G4EID to all, have a good one!

10th December 2006

  • Node 5240 (434.475MHz) will relay audio from NASA for the duration of STS-116. The audio is provided by both the IRLP and EchoLink networks and will be available during crew waking hours.

4th July 2006

  • Node 5240 (434.475MHz) will relay audio from NASA for the duration of the latest flight. The audio is provided by both the IRLP and EchoLink networks.

29th May 2006

  • As notified on the 6th May, MB7ISP has now been closed down. Users are asked to use GB3OA or one of the other simplex gateways available in the area.

6th May 2006

  • Some time in the next few days, MB7ISP on 145.3375MHz will be closed down. The main reason is that it's difficult to support both a link into the local Southport repeater, and a simplex gateway only 300kHz away. It's fine so long as both links aren't in use at the same time, but when they are, it's not really workable. In addition, I'd like to concentrate activity onto the new local 2M repeater GB3OA. If users still want to use a simplex gateway rather than the repeater, there's still both the 70cm and 4M gateways available here at G4EID. For those that want to stay on 2M, there's Graham G7EVY's node (5057) available in Tarleton. My thanks to all the users who have frequented my 2M node over the years, all the facilities will still be available on GB3OA, its IRLP and EchoLink node numbers are the same (5302). I'm undertaking some aerial work over the next few days, part of this work will result in one less 2M vertical, once that's done, MB7ISP on 145.3375MHz will go off air.

6th April 2006

  • Southport's new 2M repeater, GB3OA, is now internet linked. It's node number on both IRLP and EchoLink is 5302. Its status has been included on the node list here at G4EID, since that's where the linking currently runs from. For further information on the repeater, please visit http://www.gb3oa.org.uk

22nd January 2006

  • Many thanks to everyone that came along to the Windmill last weekend, I think we're all agreed we had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We will hopefully have another one before too long, three years is definitely too long a wait :-)
  • Looks like I'll be over for Dayton again this year, for anyone that's going, I look forward to seeing you there!