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About G4EID
Mark Haworth, G4EID / KM8H.

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Where is G4EID now?

Early childhood years were blighted by a strange affliction for scavenging surplus components from scrap PCB's acquired from local electronic factories. Furtive visits to the local newsagent soon followed to procure unsuitable publications such as "Everyday Electronics" and "Practical Wireless". 

Sadly, the condition worsened with the granting of an amateur license. The "ticket" was obtained back in the dark ages when most amateurs first words were broadcast using valve based AM equipment on "Top Band". The call sign G4EID, was first heard around August 1975.

While most normal children were out enjoying themselves playing, this sad soul was always to be found in his bedroom snorting assorted flux and solder fumes from bungled masterpieces of electronic construction.

Not satisfied, further torment was in store when it was decided to get to the bottom of all this radio trickery. This resulted in three misspent years at the University of Liverpool, who, following a disastrous administrative error, awarded an honours degree in Electronic Engineering in 1980.

Worse was to follow. An inept interview performance at a large electronics Company still did not prevent the sufferer being offered employment in a field that did little to stop the deterioration in his condition. The employer must still be regretting that decision thirty odd years later.

The only therapy that appears to relieve the symptoms, is regular attendance at church. This is a place called Anfield, where God like creatures in red are worshipped by thousands of like minded individuals. It is understood the religion itself is referred to as Liverpool Football Club. The quaffing a large amounts of Real Ale also helps, this activity can be observed on most Monday evenings at various hostelries in and around Southport.

Seriously though, a hearty thank you to my late Mother and Father, who, back in the early days, encouraged me while keeping me on the straight and narrow. Thank you too, to all those members at the then Ainsdale Radio club, who, back in the seventies, tolerated a young'un who thought he knew everything, but now realises he obviously didn't :-) And to a very tolerant XYL who must still wonder what she let herself get into! 

In Jan 2004, G4EID also became licensed with the US callsign KM8H. Current activities are mainly related to internet linking and a little HF activity. Thanks to all the users of the internet nodes too, without you guys, it really wouldn't be worth it.

In 2005, our son Michael became licenced as M3HQN, the curse lives on....

Amateur radio is a wonderful hobby. Long may it continue.  

73, Mark, G4EID-KM8H.